Maddie & Me - Chew, Play, Wear | Our Story
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Our Story

Samantha and Baby Billy


Who are we?


Hey! I’m Samantha, I’m the “Me” part and who is “Maddie” you might ask? That’s my middle child, Madilyn. She has a big sister Hannah who I am sure is going to teach her a lot of naughty traits! and we have also just welcomed our third child, Billy Banjo in April this year to complete our little family. Maddie & Me started in November 2016 after Madilyn was born. It started as a creative outlet and soon snowballed into what it is today. I still am unsure how all this has happened! But it’s been a dream come true.


What’s my story? Well I’ve worked in the same industry for over 20 years (I’m soooo not that old yet! but gosh that’s a long time!), and I have always been a creative person at heart. Like most, you seem to put that in the background when life takes over with work, partners, family and other commitments. Well, I spent my first maternity leave hanging out and drinking coffee with my friends, so this time I thought why not take a risk and do something challenging and productive with my time as well? (Don’t worry, there’s always time for coffee!). But what if I fail? Well it doesn’t matter! What matters is that I gave it a go and stepped out of my comfort zone, and look at what I have achieved!


My philosophy in life now is that you have to try, you have to give it a go, otherwise you are just that plastic bag blowing in the wind and going where ever it takes you. Well no longer! Take control and go where you want to go! We can do this Mummas!



Why I started


Have you ever worn a beautiful necklace only to have it damaged by a child? I have! I had my favourite Gold pendant ruined by my 3 year old! I was devastated!


I hardly wore necklaces when she was a baby as I was always worried that she would tug and break them. So now with my second child, I wanted to feel stylish and be able to accessorise my outfits. Lets face it, there’s not much out there in the way of fashionable and affordable breastfeeding friendly clothing.


On the hunt I went for local Mum friendly necklaces! At the time I couldn’t find any local designs, so I decided to make my own. It felt so good to be thinking creatively again, so I took the plunge and booked my first Market stall. I haven’t looked back and have only grown and learnt more than I could of imagined through this industry.